August 30- Bubbles and Popcorn

Just a few days ago I was telling my doctor I haven't felt any movement yet and was wondering when that would start happening, sure enough the next day I started feeling it! Everyone I know who has been pregnant before has told me that in the beginning it will feel like bubbles or popcorn popping so I have been on the lookout for anything that feels like that. There I was lying in bed the other morning upon waking up and suddenly my eyes flung open inquisitively as I realized I was feeling something strange going on in my belly. It was very subtle and infrequent, but definitely felt like a blub...blub...blub sensation. I only felt it in the morning though. Then yesterday, the same thing. This morning, however, although it was happening when I first woke up again, this time it lasted longer and was happening more frequently. The crazy thing is it has been going on all day! I don't feel anything when I am moving around- not sure if that is because my movement masks the feeling or if me being active just rocks them to sleep. But as soon as I sit still I start feeling it again. Sometimes I just feel one of them move, which means I feel the bubbles down low (which would be the boy) or a little higher in line with my belly button (that's the girl) but a few times now I have felt them both at the same time! It is the craziest feeling! I can only imagine what it's going to be like once they are full on kicking me. 
The best part about it is how excited it makes my husband. He is absolutely elated that I can feel them. Even though he can't feel them yet, I think it makes it more real for him, as it does for me as well. To see his face light up and have him talk to my belly is priceless and makes me feel like the luckiest girl in the world. 

Oh and by the way... we have the names picked out! Be on the lookout for a post coming soon with the twins' name reveal!!!!  We are super happy with our decision and can't wait to share it with you all!!