August 26- Bodily Functions...or Lack There Of

     So I'm starting to notice a theme...The further along I get in my pregnancy, the less control I have over my body. For example, I can no longer sneeze without a trickle of pee squirting out. So with my allergies I'm considering stocking up on some Depends. And it always happens when I least expect it. Ohhhh like say in the grocery store, or when I am sitting on the couch in my PJs. I actually started carrying an extra pair of underwear with me just in case!

     Then there is the new instrument I've learned to place. My ass! It has become quite musical lately and often likes to mimic a quacking duck. More times than not it happens around my husband and every single time I try to play it off like nothing happened, hoping he somehow didn't hear it but that is never the case. And of course he has to call me out on it! LOL. There's that damn duck again! It's not that I'm walking around like a teenage boy purposely farting on him, it just happens when I laugh... or cough... or lean over... Apparently I am part balloon because I am constantly full of air! Lucky for me, my hubby loves me.

   Next up is my new sensitivity with my gag reflex. I don't know if it is from tossing my cookies for so many months, but now if I cough I sometimes gag! We were laughing so hard on the cruise because I would pull something like this: Cough- Gag- Laugh-Fart- Laugh Harder- Pee trickle. I have never felt so sexy. :-/

I can only imagine what my body will be doing over the next few months...