Sensory Bottles

DIY Sensory Bottles! Super easy. I saved empty water bottles and got a few different things from the dollar store to put in them. (Multi-colored pompoms, glitter, sequins, beads and googly eyes). With all of them but the beads, which I left empty to use as a rattle, I  filled the bottles with water and baby oil. (You could probably do it with only baby oil to make things move even slower but I didn't have enough). You shake them up and they create unique visuals for the babies. 

Since they are still little, I'm just shaking the bottles with the babies sitting in my lap but they can do it themselves as they get bigger (and toddlers can make their own!)

I'd of course prefer it if they were glass bottles as I'm not fond of plastic, but for the short time they'll play with them I'm not sweating it. It's really just to give them something new to experience. **Make sure to crazy glue the caps to keep them sealed!

So far they are a hit! I'm delighted by their reactions! :-D 
Here are some pics from when I first showed them to Riley. She was amazed!

Riv's favorite was the one with the sequins.

Developmental Exercises with a Laser Light

I wanted to share a few tricks I learned from the twins' physical therapy sessions. They introduced me to this awesome light-up wand that really captivates the babies so we got one to continue working with them on their pre-crawling exercises. My Hubs is always videoing me playing with them so I threw in an explanation of some of the developmental exercises I learned to do with them using the wand to give you guys some ideas of things you can do with your babies too! :-)

And here is the link to the light-up wand I got. Super cheap on Amazon!

Baby Development FB Page

Due to a few requests to put together a page of all the development activities I've been doing with the twins, I created one on FB so I can post pics, links and other various resources to help other mamas who are looking for ideas to entertain and educate their infants. :-)

I just started it so there's only a few posts, but I'll have a lot more- including videos- very soon!