August 2- Pregnancy Brain

     Boy did I ever have a case of pregnancy brain today! I seriously should have stayed in bed! It started with me leaving my freshly made smoothie on the counter when I left for the gym. I really wanted to go to my weights class today and I got ready in time only to completely miss the exit, causing me to have to drive pretty far to turn around and ultimately missed my class. I nearly ran out of gas because I forgot I had planned on leaving early to get some before class. So since I missed my class I went to the gas station before the gym. Started pumping, went in to get a water, then came out and hopped in my car to go. As I started to quickly drive off I heard a loud crunch and boom. I totally forgot to take the pump out of my gas tank! I bent my gas cover and made a complete idiot of myself. But I just casually got out, put the nozzle back on the pump and nonchalantly went on my way, making sure I didn't make eye contact with anyone around me. What the hell is wrong with me??

     So I went to the gym to do a regular workout and realized I forgot my book at home. Then while at the gym I ran into an old colleague of mine from when I was a fitness instructor and she was looking rock solid and super fit, as she was training for a body competition. I noticed her eyeing my body and I announced that I was pregnant with twins. And I know I know, I can't compare myself while I'm pregnant but damn I couldn't help but think if she ran into me 4 months ago I was at my best ever, looking super toned and slim. So that, on top of the morning I was having, put me in a bit of a funk. But I carried on with my day.

     It's my hubby's birthday today so I had to do some last minute shopping for him. I managed to miss two more exits on the journey, which would make sense if I didn't LIVE HERE! Anyway, I went and picked up a big glass jar with a spout to make sun tea like G's mom does back home. Thought it would be a nice touch to have at the house. Brought it home, filled it up and wouldn't ya know the freaking thing has a leak! I seriously can't win today! But I had to put on a happy face for when the hubs gets home, as it is his birthday after all. I topped off my wacky day by managing to ruin the casserole I made for him. But he was sweet and ate it anyway.

     I bought stuff to make healthy versions of two different kinds of cupcakes to bake for Sunday. We are having a few friends over for a birthday luncheon. That's what life is now... luncheons instead of happy hour. Sadly, I am beginning to look forward to having lunch with people. It's the only way I socialize now! So I was holding off on making the cupcakes because I know how my husband and I operate. We are super health conscious most of the time, but put fresh-baked goods in front of us and all bets are off! When he got home I told him I wasn't baking the cupcakes tonight because of that very reason. Of course pan to about 2 hours later and we were in pure "fuck it" mode and the baking was on! Now while I made a healthy version of the cupcakes, I'm pretty sure eating SIX of them negated that whole thing. This is why I didn't want to make them! LOL. Oh well... We'll just say it was two for me and two for each of the twins! Shameful? A tad. But they were soooo good going down!

We ended the night with G opening his presents. With me being out of work I couldn't go crazy with the gifts like I usually do. But I did get him something really special. For years he's been saying he wants to see Nine Inch Nails in concert, but never had the chance. So when I heard they would be in town come this October, I jumped on tickets the minute they went on sale. Got some pretty awesome seats, too! I did all I could to prevent him from finding out they would be here because then I knew I'd be screwed. We ALMOST made it to his birthday but then about a week ago while I was in the bathroom he announced from the kitchen that NIN were playing in October. Shit. I knew no matter how I answered the jig was up. If I acted surprised he would have immediately wanted to purchase the tickets and I would have had to spill the beans. Not knowing what to say I just responded with, "yeah?" And that was it. I knew my silence and lack of interest was far too obvious. Especially when he didn't say anything else after that. But what was I to do? So when it came time to give him his present, he was super happy but I could tell not surprised. He told me he had a feeling I had gotten them with the way I responded when he brought it up, but confirmed my assumption that had I acted all excited about the concert he would have bought the tickets himself. So it was a lose-lose situation. However, he IS thrilled to get to see them. The only possible hang up is with it being at the end of October, there's always the possibility that I could be on bed rest by then. But I told him if that's the case he is going to take someone else, no ifs-ands-or buts about it! Guess we'll have to wait and see how it plays out...