August 25- Babymoon

     As cliche as it sounds, we just got back from our "babymoon." Otherwise known as the last vacation before we are parents. We did a quick cheapie cruise (since they are easy to do living 45 minutes from a cruise line port), plus it was cheaper to do than staying at a hotel for a weekend and food is included. I must admit, it was weird being on a cruise and not being able to drink. I never realized how much they push drinking on you until this trip! So we focused our attention on the food! Which, unfortunately it being Carnival and one of their smaller ships, wasn't the best and mostly served luke warm. But I can't complain too much because at least we got to get away! It was just way too short! The Hubs and I had a great time together though. We are on this kick lately of soaking up as much quality time together as we can because we know things are going to change dramatically before we know it. So it was really great spending some romantic time together.

     The cruise was only 2.5 days and it went to the Bahamas for a day then one day at sea. We dressed up every night for dinner and had hoped to get some really nice professional pictures of us, since they have about 10 different stations set up at night to get them taken. But by the time the photographers got done maneuvering our heads, hands and bodies in the most awkward positions, it was no wonder why NONE of the pictures came out good. In fact, they were so bad when we'd find them we would cringe and hide them behind other people's photos! LOL. Finally on the last day we just said to hell with it and at the last minute would get out of the uncomfortable pose they'd put us in and do our own. Luckily there was ONE picture that came out cute enough for us to purchase, but go figure it was the only silly one we did. 

(I just realized you've never seen a picture of G. I'm sure he'll love that the first one I post of him involves wearing a sombrero and his hand up a lizard puppet's ass!)

     On the day we stopped in the Bahamas, we didn't book an excursion to save money and just decided on going over to the famous Atlantis hotel where we could go to the beach. Well little did we know it was a VERY long walk in the sweltering heat, and when we got there we found out the hotel wanted $69 PER PERSON to use their beach. Ummm... does that include someone fanning us and feeding us grapes?? So we walked some more and found a public beach. Let me tell you something, people. Walking in soft sand in the blazing heat while your pregnant is NOT fun. I felt like I was carrying a bag of bricks in quicksand! You had to walk far to get to a bathroom so... yeah... walking. We did get to finally go in the crystal clear water (which is huge for me because I am a big fat chicken when it comes to going in the ocean!). As long as I can see what's in the water, I'm ok. The bottom was a bit soft for my liking, so I was jumpy as hell all paranoid I'd step on a crab or something. But I survived with no crab attacks or getting eaten by various sea life. We really wanted to do a tour of the island too, but there was no way way to do both. All that walking literally took up most of the day. We figured if we did the tour first we would have felt bad for missing the beach, so we were fine with how the day went. 

     That night was "formal night" so we got all dressed up, and I was amazed that the cute little cocktail dress I wore at my bachelorette party last year actually fit this bloated body. Parts felt a bit snug, but it looked cute. Unfortunately we got ZERO good pics from that night. Later was the deck party and it was hopping, but to be honest for as much as I love to dance I just couldn't bring myself to get out there on the dance floor without the liquid courage that would typically fuel me to boogie on down. We had fun people watching though. 

     The last day (which really was only the second day) was a day at sea so we spent it lounging by the jam-packed pool and eating. We did have a lot of romantic moments and quality time together. One that stands out particularly is when we were in the room getting ready for dinner. My hubby pulled me over to him and we were talking about how things were going to change in a few months and I told him I was nervous about that and he put his arms around my waist and said, "everything I  have right here is what's worth living for." MeltMeltMelt... It's in those moments I realize how lucky I am for him and for my life. I am eternally grateful.

All in all it was nice to relax and get away together... just wish we could have had another week of it!