August 18- PreNatal Yoga

     Did a few prenatal yoga classes this week. Each had a different vibe. The first one I went to was that my favorite yoga studio and it was a night class.  There is about 20 girls lined up on either side of the room. At the beginning each person said their name, how far along they were, and what they were having if they knew. I was the only person with twins! The class was a little slow, not that I expected it to be crazy active or anything, but it was a tad on the boring side. However, it would probably be good once I am further along and can't do as much. Plus, it is nice being around all that positive pregnant energy.

     A few days later I went back to that class for an afternoon session. It was a lot better, but I also had a close friend of mine there with me. It was my dear friend J, whom I've known for several years. The cool thing about her is our connections together. I had met her years ago when I was a fitness director at a local gym chain. I hired her for a yoga instructor position and we clicked immediately. As it turned out we had lived in the same different states at the same time, had gone to the same college, were in the same writing program, and even had the same circle of friends. Yet somehow we never met before then. Now it is clear that the universe intended for us to meet at some point. A few years after I hired her, I hooked her up with the job at the K-8 charter school I was teaching at. I was a language arts teacher there and we needed another one. For a year we worked in side by side adjoining classrooms. We both worked at the school for a couple years but now we no longer work for the company. And wouldn't you know we are both pregnant at the same time only a few weeks apart! We still can't get over that! Sadly, she doesn't live as close to me anymore. She lives about an hour away. But she likes to come out here and go to the same year the studio so we'll always have that. We are both super excited that our kids are going to be the same age and will get to play together.

     The class that day was a lot better than the one I went to a few days earlier. Again I was the only one having twins! In some ways I like it because it makes me feel special, but sometimes it would be nice to meet someone going through the same thing as me. The instructor is really nice, it helps that she is also a Doula.  So throughout class she gives us positions and motions that will help during the pregnancy and make childbirth a little easier. Of course if I have a C-section that all goes out the window but I'll store them in my back pocket.

     Today I went to a free prenatal yoga class at a new studio. I'm not sure how I got the email inviting me, but since G had to work today I figured I might as well go. The studio is absolutely gorgeous, and a new friend of mine met me there. I met this girl at a Expectant Mom Meetup a few weeks ago. We were the only ones who showed, but that's okay because we hit it off. It's great she lives on my side of town and is into health and fitness like me. She's about six weeks behind me. G and I actually went out to dinner with her and her husband the other night. It was nice being out with another couple who are going through the same things. It's hard to go out with our usual friends now because we feel like we're boring since were not drinking.  Not that it's all they do, but it's what we all used to do when we'd go out together so that dynamic has changed. What's going out with people who are also prego gives us the chance to talk pregnancy and baby stuff with another couple without being annoying.

     So you went to this free class at this nice new studio and it was pretty good. With it being free I thought a lot more people would show up but there was only five of us in the class. At the end of it we got a goodie bag with bottles and other freebies in it. I really need to find more free stuff like this in town for expectant moms!

     As for the yoga it's always relaxing and as I said good to be around other pregnant women. It always leaves me feeling refreshed and renewed so I'm sure I'll be doing more classes in the future.