July 26- Dis-Appointment

     So today I had my appointment with my OB/GYN. My husband took off for it because we thought we would get an ultrasound and get to find out the genders. That much to our dismay when we got there we found out we were misinformed by the receptionist and would not be getting an ultrasound today. I asked my doctor why and she said it was because we already had one the week before with MFM. I knew that, but was told when I set up the appointment the previous month that this would also be an ultrasound. So needless to say, we were pretty disappointed. All I got this visit was a Pap smear. I bet my husband was glad he took off work for that!

     The next ultrasound won't be until August 20 with MFN. There's not a chance in hell I can wait that long to find out what I'm having. So I immediately started searching for a third-party ultrasound place. The sucky thing is we are leaving to go visit the in-laws first thing tomorrow morning so I don't have to be once we get back. I shopped around to see who had the best prices and I found prenatal impressions which guarantees they can determine the gender by 14 weeks for $59. That should work out perfectly sent I'll be 16 weeks when I go. The appointment is set for noon on August 5th, and it's right near my hubby's work so he can just go on his lunch break. It's only a week and a half but I am so damn anxious to find out it's killing me! At least I'll have the upcoming trip as a distraction. I'm just super bummed because we were hoping to find out the sex so we could tell all the family when we visit. Guess we'll all have to wait!