September 5- Starting the Nursery

Hooray! We decided on a color for the nursery! Initially we thought we were going to be going with a green or turquoise-ish color, as we were trying to pick something gender neutral but not boring. We also knew we wanted this particular tree decal to go on the main wall and any of the colors we were choosing wouldn't have meshed well with it so we went in a totally different direction. Apricot! Not quite pink, not quite orange, it is an absolute lovely shade that will make the tree pop and look fabulous with the espresso cribs and dresser. 

I'm looking forward to working on this, as it provides a creative outlet for me and I LOVE to decorate. My goal is to have the nursery completely done for my shower, which is Oct. 20th so we have about a month and a half or so. Definitely feasible. Since the baby room is at the front of the house to the right when you first walk in, I want to make it stand out and be a bright and cheerful room. Just one more added thing making this all the more real! 

I'll keep you posted as the room comes along!