September 25- Moving Right Along

I had my monthly OB appointment today and all went well. Since I was going to MFM, they really only check the heart rates, my weight, and if I have any questions. But starting next month I will be back doing my monthly ultrasounds with them, which I prefer anyway.

I had a list of questions for my OB, like if the different physical things I'm feeling are normal and if I lean over am I smushing the babies. (The answers were yes and no). I also talked to her at length about me really wanting a vaginal birth but know in the end it probably won't be up to me. She was very thorough in her discussion and while it doesn't change my odds I at least have a better understanding as to why they make the decisions they do. Basically unless both babies are head down and I don't go into labor before 37 weeks, I have a shot at a vaginal birth. But if one is breech they will not pull her out by the feet. I guess they used to, but modern medicine dictates it's unsafe because after the first one comes out the cervix starts to close and could potentially close off on the baby's head. They also won't let you deliver vaginally if you go into preterm labor before 37 weeks because it is taxing on the babies. Which strikes me as odd because with all the twin moms I've met and all the forums I've read, it seems a lot of people have delivered twins vaginally before 37 weeks. So it's times like this I question western medicine. Are all the reasons for these specific protocols truly because of safety, or is it to protect the doctors and hospital? I'm sure it all depends on the doctor and hospital and what guidelines they follow. I'd like to think since I'm going to one of the best women's hospital in the country that I'm in good hands. I mean, all her reasons make sense, but then I also get this nagging feeling of how if I had trusted western medicine during my bout of infertility, I wouldn't be pregnant in the first place because they said it couldn't happen. But... I guess I need to just put my trust in them because really what alternative do I have?

So basically both babies have to be head down and not come before 37 weeks in order for me to have the type of birth I want. Those aren't very good odds. :-/ I did find a website called Spinning Babies that gives you different things to try, such as positions to sit in, as you get closer to your due date that are supposed to help naturally move the babies into the right position. Hey, I'll try anything! Sitting up straight is one of the key factors so I'm going to get a yoga ball and start sitting on it at night since intend to sprawl out on the couch. It's worth a shot!

In three weeks I go back for ultrasound and glucose test. Not looking forward to drinking a bunch of yucky sweet stuff, but I do look forward to all the appointments. Especially ultrasounds! Aaaaand in three weeks I also get to do the big 3D/4D one! We are just going to do it at Prenatal Impressions (where we did the gender reveal) because insurance doesn't cover it either way and I just found us a Groupon for it! Woohoo!!! My parents are definitely invited to come to that one, they have a big room with couches. My dad may not come though, we'll see, he says it creeps him out a little. Old folks and modern technology... LOL. I imagine he'll suck it up and go though.

Yup, things are sure moving right along! I also booked our birthing class in November and a Happiest Baby on the Block workshop in 2 weeks. (For those of you who haven't heard of it, it's a special method that is supposedly a sure-fire way to sooth a crying baby). I was initially just going to get the book, but for $20 we get to go to a class and a DVD is included!

For those of you who want to see what it's about:
Happiest Baby on the Block- Book and Reviews

Lots of fun pregnancy things to look forward to in October. It's all starting to feel more and more real!