September 19- Released From MFM

This week we had our monthly appointment with Maternal Fetal Medicine at the hospital for our routine ultrasound. The Dr. checked out all body parts and growth and both babies are right on schedule. River is weighing in at 1.2 oz. and Riley is coming in close at 1.1 o.z. They are currently both laying sideways across me, but are still stacked top and bottom. I actually could tell that River moved this week. He is usually vertical (and Riley has always stayed horizontal) but all of a sudden one day I felt a lot more pressure in my belly and noticed it was lopsided. You can actually see the roundness of his little head sticking out off to the side just below my belly button. They are both still moving like crazy, especially after I eat or drink something cold. My belly definitely popped this week, but I am still feeling good and have lots of energy. My only complaint is that my hips are starting to hurt pretty bad at night and I'm waking up in a lot of pain. Unfortunately it's on both sides and that is the only way I am supposed to sleep. I am trying to use pillows between my legs, but it's still not helping. I think it's the extra weight putting pressure on my hips and nerves. I've gained a total of 31 pounds in 22 weeks, which feels like a whole lot to me, but the doctor said I am okay, although on the high side of normal even for twins. But I eat super healthy, no processed foods and work out 6 days a week though so he said just keep doing what I am doing and try to aim for gaining one pound a week until delivery. I am officially released from MFM and will now be only going to my OB for my monthly ultrasounds and checkups until I'm 32 weeks, which is when I will also be going back to the hospital for weekly scans to monitor the babies and me to make sure we are doing okay. I am a little sad that I won't be seeing the MFM doctor anymore. I really like him and he seems very experienced with twins. That's not to say my OB isn't, but he is a little older than her and with age comes wisdom. I almost wish he could be there to deliver, but alas, he no longer does that. I'm sure when the time comes I will be so ready to get them out of me that I won't care if the janitor delivers them! 

So all is well with the kiddos. It's always good to see them again, although I can't wait until we can do the ultrasounds back at my OB's office. Surprisingly their machine is SO much better and you get to watch them on the big screen. We have our regular checkup with her next week, but they just check the heart rates and see how I am doing. Next month I'll go back to full checkups and ultrasounds there though. I honestly love going to all these appointments and wish there were more! That is probably the ONLY time I will ever say that about Dr. visits! LOL

Here are some pics for ya!

River's head sticking out. How crazy!

22 Weeks Ultrasound