September 23- Nursery Flooring is Down!

Today my Pop came over with a friend and put in the flooring for the nursery. We have to get new base molding, as the old stuff broke when it was pulled up. So we'll get the rest done Friday or Monday, depending on when my dad comes back out. But the floor looks AWESOME, especially with the wall color we chose. The color pops and is so bright and cheerful. I can't wait for the rest of the big tree decal comes in, that is going to look SO good on the wall!! We will order the cribs soon and we will definitely have the nursery ready in time for my Shower next month. So excited! Just another added thing that makes it all feel more real!

I should have taken a better shot of this room before we started working on it, especially of the floor, but you can tell it was ugly old carpet in there. 
Wait 'til you see the difference!

It's like night and day, right?!? Totally changed the look of the room and I think it definitely looks like the start of a NURSERY! It's a great contrast coming from the living room because we have dark gray walls in there. Can't wait to get the base molding in and start putting the room together. Especially decorating, that's my favorite part! 
Hopefully I can come up with a good accent color to go with it...