September 20- Braxton Hicks

I'm pretty sure I've been getting Braxton Hicks lately. It feels different from the sharp round ligament pains I've been feeling for months. Those suckers hurt and sometimes stop me dead in my tracks during dance class if one of the babies moves in the wrong spot. This is more of just a tightening in my belly that lasts less than a minute and usually happens when I stand up quickly. From everything I've read that sounds exactly like it. I was always under the impression it was a bad thing signifying preterm labor or something but apparently it's not and it's common. One of the causes is dehydration though, and I'm wondering if I'm drinking enough water. I ONLY drink water, but with how much I sweat at dance each day I probably should be drinking more. I have an appt with my OB Wednesday so I'll mention it to her then. In the meantime I'm feeling great, so no complaints here! Not sure how long that will last so I'm trying to enjoy every last minute of it! I AM pretty tired today though. Not getting much sleep lately. Aside from having to pee every hour or two, my hips are killing me at night. They are fine at first but after a few hours the pain wakes me up. I think it's stemming from my sciatica because it shoots down into my thigh. So when laying on either side hurts badly and you have no other options, kind of makes it tough to get any sleep! I've tried sticking pillows between my legs, but it's not helping. I sure hope this isn't a permanent thing for the test of the pregnancy!