Sept 15- Montessori Floor Beds- Vetoed

Well, it looks like we won't be doing the Montessori Floor Beds. With all the research I did and detailed presentation, the hubs still vetoed the idea. Which I thought may happen. He's just concerned with the safety factor, even with baby proofing the room. He's on board with everything else Montessori, which is fine by me. I was just thinking the floor beds would also allow for more room since the nursery is on the smaller side, but G is worried that the two of them could somehow get hurt and doesn't like the idea of them not having traditional sleeping schedules. It's a little frustrating because I'm the one who is going to be home with them 24/7 but honestly I don't have it in me to argue right now (which is unusual for me if I feel strongly about something! LOL). I will still do all the developmental stuff that Montessori promotes and once they are old enough to be out of their cribs we can pick that part up from there. I'm sure it will work out fine. 

I did find an AMAZING resource for raising the twins Montessori style. It is a blog that is apparently pretty popular and the woman has a book and a DVD series out. She has her 2.5 year old twins doing incredible things like helping to put dishes away and gardening. Her blog is chock full of ideas and suggestions on dealing with any situation you can think of and she even has videos. I can so see myself doing this stuff, as it was how I planned on raising them anyway- I just had no idea it was actually called something (Montessori). As an educator, I know that giving kids the opportunity to learn and hands-on experiences is the best way to teach them and promote a deeper understanding. I really can't wait to get to that point, where R & R are old enough to communicate and learn. Not that they don't learn things when they are infants, but I am just talking about being able to interact with them. I think being able to do that will also satisfy my need to teach and help with my feelings of having to put my career on hold for a while. It's for the most worthy cause, but it isn't easy. I worked really hard to move up in my field and working with students is so fulfilling. But I know having the twins will be a whole new kind of fulfilling and I am extremely glad and grateful I will be able to stay home with them through the early years. It's an adjustment, but one that will benefit them and that alone makes it definitely worthwhile.