October 24- 3D Redo

We had our repeat 3D ultrasound yesterday and once again the kids didn't cooperate. This time we got to see Riley's face a little better, but River flipped over as soon as he got on screen! That seems to be the common theme with him, he flips toward the back as soon as we start the ultrasound! He is head down and she is sideways still. He is also still kicking her in the head constantly, which we felt bad about until we saw that she is kicking him in the stomach! Looks like we've got some Kung Fu Fighters on our hands!

The ultrasound tech told us last time that it looked like River has my nose and this time said that Riley has Garrett's nose! What's amazing is how accurate these things are. We've had several friends who did the 3D ultrasounds and sure enough their babies came out looking just like the images you saw from the ultrasounds! The guy has been super nice and said we can go back 2 more times for free, so that's cool! Hey, why not?! It's always fun to see them. 

Here is a 3D pic of Riley's face. The bulge blocking the bottom corner of her face is River's leg. So they are pretty crammed in there!