October 21- Baby Shower 2: Electric Boogaloo

Yesterday was the big shower at my house. My mom came out yesterday and with my bestie Amanda and awesome neighbor's help, we got the majority of things set up. It really is a lot of work putting together a big themed party, but I'm so grateful we did it rather than have it at a restaurant like my mom originally wanted. Yes, it would have been easier but this way we got to be so much more creative with it. My Aunt flew up from Mexico for the shower (as she was the host) so it was really great seeing her. We did a Fall theme like last week, but we had more space to work with so it was more spread out and I set up different things to do. My goal was for it to be a shower where people had fun and weren't looking at their watches waiting for it to be over. So we had plenty of wine flowing and fun activities for people to participate in.

For starters, Ma put out a hell of a spread. Delicious appetizers, an array of lunch food from sushi to shrimp cocktail, pasta salad and fresh fruit with tantalizing dipping sauces, and much more! To top it off, the display was beautiful. We always talk about having our own catering business but man is it a crap ton of work!

My Mama

                                                         Dessert Table

I went a little overboard with writing poems on cute signs to have at different stations throughout the house...

We played a few fun games, starting with the one we played last week where the ladies cut a piece of string as long as they think my belly is round. 

I had a table set up outside for people to use fabric markers and puff paints to decorate onesies for the twins...

I had the girls play a drinking game (hey, even though I couldn't drink I still wanted everyone else to have fun!). It was a baby bottle beer chug!

Followed by a one handed partner tag team to take off and put on a diaper...

The winners received prizes and everyone seemed to have a blast competing. Sure makes me miss being able to drink though!!

After lunch and all the activities, my Mom and Aunt gave a nice speech for the champagne toast. Everyone grabbed dessert and began to trickle off and head home. 

It all went by so quick! We spent a lot more time setting up for the event than the actual shower itself! But it was definitely worth it. Good times, great friends and a memory to last for a lifetime.