October 15- Grow, Baby, Grow

This week we had our doctor visit and ultrasound. It is always great to see the twins! We always have a much clearer view of River (something tells me he's a camera hog in the making!) and he apparently likes to stick his feet in his sister's face. He is growing at a faster rate than Riley... the last visit he was 1lb. 2oz. and she was 1lb. 1oz. This time he clocked in at 1lb. 15 oz. (almost 2 pounds!) and she is 1lb. 11oz. He is considered in the 45th percentile for his gestational age/size and she is in the 25th percentile. I questioned the doctor if that was a bad thing and she said they don't get concerned unless they go below the 10th percentile. They also look at the discrepency between twin percentiles. Last month Riv was 12% bigger and this month he is 20%. Doc said nothing to be worried about as of yet, they will keep monitoring them like they have been and that she could just have a smaller frame than him. After all, they aren't identical. They have two different genetic makeups so it could just be her build. Or maybe River is going to be a big guy! Plus, while I thought River had more room than his sister, it is apparently the opposite! While she may have the penthouse being up at the top, he's got more real estate to move around in. That is why he has been sideways (transverse) AND frequently head down (cephalic) at times and she has always stayed transverse. I also had my glucose tolerance test this week, where I had to drink a cup of sugary stuff they gave me and then they drew my blood an hour later. I'll find out the results early next week. We will now start having Dr visits every 2 weeks, and ultrasounds still every 4. At the end of next month I'll start having weekly NSTs done at the hospital. (Non stress test). This is where they monitor the babies' heart rates while they are resting and then while they are moving to make sure their heart beats faster and slower as it does for us when we are moving or resting. 

It's hard not to be a little concerned about Riley being on the small side. But I posted about it on the Twin Forum I belong to and tons of people responded that their fraternals had up to a pound difference at birth and were fine, so that did make us feel a bit better. I'm doing all I can to grow them well, but some things are out of my control. 

We took some video footage of the ultrasound. As I said, you can see him a lot more clearly but it's still cool to see them and how they are situated in there. It still blows my mind that I have TWO babies inside me. Crazytown.

To make it easier to see:

First one is River.

Around :20 you can see his heart beating (amazing, right??) and then watch for his lips to start moving (by the way, that little ball by his face is his hand).

At 1:00 the tech shifts over and you can see his feet are next to her head.

At 1:50 the tech uses cursor to point out Riley's eyes and nose (she is facing toward you) but there is a shadow going down her face on the left side.