October 13- Baby Shower #1

Today I had my first baby shower! My mom put together two for me: the one today was over where she lives so it was mostly her friends and a couple of mine from over there, and the other one will be next Sunday at my house that is a gift from my Aunt who is flying in from Mexico for it, which will consist mostly of my friends. She had it at her best friend's condo and they really did a beautiful job of putting it together. Since it was geared more toward her friends, it was chock full of older ladies and a bit more subdued than the one we're having at my house next week, but everyone had a great time and raved about the spread Ma put out. She should seriously have her own catering business. 

And they decorated beautifully!!

My friend surprised me with pumpkins that had River and Riley's names on them to use as decorations for my fall-themed showers! They look SO amazing that I've recruited him to do a template of the names so I can have them carved into wood that I can paint and hang above their cribs! I was going to do their names anyway, but this way it is custom and way more special, especially since it would be designed by a close friend!

We played one game that was run by my right-hand-girl Amanda, which was where they had to guess how far around my belly is using ribbon. They cut a piece according to what size they think I am. Everyone kept saying how small I look for how far along I am with twins, which is funny because I feel so huge! I've already gained 12 inches around my belly... That's a whole foot! And I'm sure I'm up 35 pounds by now. But most of these people had never seen me before so they had no frame of reference either. I sure FEEL big as I waddle my ass around!

We also brought plain pink and blue onesies and had all different kinds of puff paint and fabric markers for people to design their own onesies for the twins. Everyone seemed to have a good time doing that so we'll definitely do it again at next week's party.

We had a few more games planned, but the ladies seemed to want to get going and were wanting me to get on with the present opening so we skipped them. I got a lot of cute things for the twins and am definitely set on clothes between the shower, what my mom has bought and a TON of clothes a good friend donated that don't fit her baby boy anymore. The whole time I was opening presents my prego brain was going haywire thinking of how I was going to organize everything! LOL Nesting much?? It's a bit overwhelming how much stuff I want to get in order before they arrive. Where's Martha Stewart when you need her?!

At the end, my hubby and dad (who were off watching the Jets game together) came back to help clean up and I got a good picture with him. We keep saying we need to take more pics and videos while I am pregnant because we only get one chance!

The day went by super fast and good times were had by all. We had a bunch of no shows, but that is to be expected with any party. It's just sad when people don't even call or text to let you know! So needless to say we had a TON of food left over since my mom usually cooks enough for an army. I told her next week cut back a little just in case the same thing happens!

Here is the video of Ma's Toast to me and the twins. So sweet!
Ma's Toast- Baby Shower #1