June 4- Trying to Function

     This morning I decided to go to the regular doctor to figure out if my clogged nose is a sinus infection or what. While its something that has plagued me on and off my whole life, it has been especially bad these past few months and that mixed with all day morning sickness, I just can't take it.

    As it turns out its not an infection just my allergies in overdrive. And the only thing they've ever prescribed me to help me breathe again is steroids and I can't take them while pregnant. :-( So it appears I am just shit out of luck. The Dr prescribed me  a nasal allergy spray but said it won't provide any kind of relief as far as the unclogging goes. It's supposed to just be preventative. Greaaaat.

     So I took the rest of the day off because there was just no way I'd be able to function at work. It wasn't a big deal with it being the last week of school and all. I ran over to the pharmacy at my local grocery store and waited for my script to be ready. As I was waited, a wave of nausea rushed over me and I hightailed it to the bathroom to toss my proverbial cookies. I needed to make like Tom and cruise. I hustled over to the pharmacy counter and luckily my script was ready. While I was checking out my nose decided to let loose and start releasing snot like someone turned on a faucet on my face. But I was completely stuffed up in both nostrils so how is that physically possible?!?! I couldn't possibly feel more disgusting.

     I finally got my meds and skeedaddled. Got home just in time to wretch up my entire green smoothie, and ah yes, peed myself again. Ok I knew there would be some bodily changes with being Prego, but no one warned me I'd become the poster girl for Depends! What the hell?!

     I relaxed for the afternoon and even took a 30 minute nap. It probably would've been longer had I been able to BREATHE. But who's complaining?...

     Later that evening I dragged my ass to dance class, which took all I had. But considering I'm already gaining more weight than I should because of stupid carbs, I need to at least burn some of it off. I got through class although probably at about 75-80% exertion as I normally would. When I left I was walking past the group of girls for the next class and someone I didn't know stopped me and said, "are you the pregnant one with the miracle babies?" Ok, that's weird! I have no idea how she knew that or recognized me but hey, in a way it makes me feel like a celebrity so I'll take it!