June 12- Last Visit with Dr. T

     Today was my last appointment with Dr. T. before turning me over to my OBGYN. The hubs was crazy excited and anxious to see and finally hear the babies. We met at the doctor's office and went in. As always, Dr. T. was super nice and happy to see us. He said the whole office has been a buzz about us. Yay. So we went in, I changed into a gown and was ready to rock 'n' roll. When the Dr. came back and started the ultrasound, I had a moment of panic wondering if there was going to suddenly be a third baby in the crowd. Hey, don't laugh... it happened to a friend of mine! Her first ultrasound showed twins. When she went back the next time one of the twins divided and there were then THREE. So they are triplets but two of them are identical. Crazy, huh? But alas, there was still just the dynamic duo in there and holy crap did they grow a lot in just two weeks! What was once two small holes that looked like the eyes of an owl were now giant blobs stretching across my nether region. No wonder I've felt so sick! We still couldn't make out that they were actually babies in there, but we got to hear their heartbeats! They were beating at 165 and 173! The Dr. said they were beating strong and that it is a positive sign. So needless to say we were happy and relieved when we left the office. We were both sad that it was the last time we would have an appointment with Dr. T., but promised we would keep him updated.

Here is the ultrasounds from 6 weeks and the new one at 8 weeks. 
My uterus has grown like crazy! No wonder I've been so sick!

     Immediately upon leaving the hubs and I made our phone calls to the fam to share the good news. We headed back to the house and I had totally forgotten that I had suggested doing an evening bike ride on the trails (me and my big mouth!). I had already gone to dance class in the morning so I was definitely tuckered out come evening time. But G seemed super pumped about the bike ride so I went along for it. However, before we went I got the most random craving for Chinese food (which I haven't wanted in two years!) and I won't lie, I thought if I mentioned it I might rope the Hubs in to 86-ing the bike ride idea for some egg rolls. No such luck. So we decided to pick it up on the way home from the trails. I managed to go about three or four miles before throwing in the towel, as I was quickly running out of steam. Of course, I had to pick the towel back up and make the trek back! The night ended with some veggie mu shu, which I did feel a smidge guilty about, but it sure was good going down!