June 3- The Start of Morning... Scratch That, ALL DAY Sickness

Here I was thinking I lucked out and have only been nauseous with no vomiting but apparently I spoke too soon. I woke up at 4am with my usual bout of nausea only this time I started coughing hard followed by gagging. I made it to the bathroom in time but then started heaving like I just came off a tequila bender. Yelling for "Ralph" G came to the door to see if I was okay. I asked him to get me some coconut water and he much obliged. After a moment of sleepily sobbing sitting up against the wall next to the toilet, I got up to head back to bed. Oddly, my pajama bottoms were soaked and I realized I hurled so hard I peed myself. Not my finest moment. 

But I toughed it out and got up for work two hours later. Between the morning sickness and this sinus infection I got, I feel pretty disgusting. I ate some PB and toast and went to work. Only one week until summer break so I just need to hang in there a few more days and then I can veg. 
As per usual, after a few hours I started feeling queasy again. Which gradually just gets worse. So I thought I'd be proactive and run to the store for something bread-y to absorb the yuck. Well with me being so ridiculously stuffed up I couldn't breathe through my nose and had post nasal drip like a mo fo. I started coughing, which led to gagging, and suddenly I was reaching for my gym shirt (it was the only thing I could find in such a split second) and before I knew it I was spewing into my shirt. There had been no time to pull over or else I would have. As if that wasn't enough more came up but this time it went all down the inside and outside of my shirt, on my pants and in my center console. Yeah... Fantastic. After a minute of sitting there in shock I hurriedly ran into the grocery store and cleaned off in the bathroom.
Looking like I was splashed by Shamu upon returning to work, my boss was nice enough to let me go home early.