June 10- Or Not...

     Well so much for turning the corner on the whole morning sickness thing. I guess yesterday was a fluke! Back to feeling like shit today. Immediately upon waking up this morning I was hailing to the porcelain god like a rockstar minus the glamorous life and tour bus. I was queasy the ENTIRE day. The hubs and I went to the community pool for a bit and spent the day relaxing. I am pretty sure he's been bored out of his skull lately having a partner who is perpetually seasick without the high seas adventure. I won't lie... I do miss the freedom of getting to do whatever we want, whenever we want, and partying the night away if we feel so inclined. But in a way I suppose it is preparing us for what's to come! I told my parents that G has been bored lately and they both basically said the same thing. That we need to be embracing the boredom because there is going to come a time in the not so distant future where we will WISH we had down time to be bored! Touché.

     In other news, I was still sore over the whole missing out on my trip to visit my family fiasco. Being an extremely headstrong person my whole life, it hasn't been sitting well with me that such a big decision was decided for me. It was MY decision to make whether or not I went up to see my family. The doctor said it was perfectly fine if I went so I don't see why everyone else was so freaked out about it. And I mean freaked the hell out. Like it was going to be this huge risk to my safety to sit on a plane for two hours. Ridiculous. You'd think they thought I was going to be parachuting out of the plane once I got there! But my cousin refused to pick me up and I was being barraged with texts and emails from all those I was planning on visiting, stating that it just wasn't safe and I needed to be thinking about the babies now. Which really pissed me off because this had NOTHING to do with me not thinking about the babies. I was going by what my doctor, and every article you read out there, said was safe for me to do. It's just the third trimester you aren't supposed to fly. Their thought behind this was that I might get sick on the plane. Ummm okay... I might get sick in the car too but that doesn't stop me from going anywhere! I could get sick ANYWHERE! So should I put myself in a bubble and not go anywhere? If I was going to be sick anyway, I would have liked the distraction of getting to see the people closest to me in my life that I haven't seen in a long time. But... whatever. I missed out on my trip and lost a plane ticket I can't get back that I spent YEARS accruing miles to earn a free flight. Nope. Not happy about it AT ALL.

     Anyway, we had a pretty uneventful Sunday. I tried to enjoy it, even though I was harboring anger about my trip. The hubs and I relaxed for most of the day and ended it with the Game of Thrones season finale. Overall, it was a decent weekend.