Four Month Wellness Check

So we went to the pediatrician for the 4 month wellness check and a round of shots and it wasn't a great visit. Usually the twins are awesome at Dr visits, especially their pediatrician. She's amazing. (She reminds me of Mrs. Doubtfire with her accent!). 

River weighed in at 11lbs 3oz and is 22 1/4 inches long! That's 7 1/4 longer since birth! Riley is quickly catching up to her brother at 10lbs 12oz (she gained 11 ounces this week!). She is 21 1/2 inches, a whopping 8 inches longer since birth!

But this time the twins were not happy from the moment we got in there. They were both crying the whole time! The doctor is very pleased (and amazed) at their growth and they are moving right along as they should. Unfortunately, Riv needs to see a few specialists. What was originally thought to be Tracheal Malacia (premature trachea development that corrects itself in time) might not be after all. So the fact that it's gotten worse (he snores and makes loud noises when he breathes) is a bit worrisome since we don't know what it is. He has always had a bit of a snore, but it has just gotten worse over time. Especially this last month. He snorts and gags and has raspy breathing constantly. And it's not from his nose, it's definitely an obstruction in his throat. Last month the pediatrician told us to bring it up the the pulmonary specialist that we see for their RSV shots. So I did, and played him a video and he pretty much dismissed it as Trachea Malacia; that it should go away when he lays on his stomach and that he'll grow out of it. Well it actually doesn't go away in ANY position we put him in and just in this past week or so it seems to be effecting his eating. He's always wheezed a bit when drinking his bottle but lately he's puked a lot and I definitely don't like that. Poor little guy. Our pediatrician also noticed it's gotten a lot worse and when I showed her the video of him sleeping (he's very noisy) she was really concerned. Said if it was Trachea Malacia it should go away in different positions and when sleeping. So she tried to call to get us an appt with a pediatric ENT right away but they close early Fridays. When I called Monday the earliest appt we could get is this Thurs 3/27, which is the soonest they can see us. My pediatrician spoke with the specialist we'll be seeing and gave him the rundown on Riv's condition and the Dr prescribed liquid zofran to help him throw up less. It's not that he's doing it ALL the time, but definitely more than he should.

Then he also has a little bit of Torticollis (twisted neck) where he favors turning his head to one side and needs to start physical therapy to correct it. So... Poor Riv had a tough day. Riley had a clean bill of health though so at least that's good news!

Since the twins are still waking up in the middle of the night to eat but barely drinking anything, the Dr said we can start giving them a little bit of rice cereal in their bottles once a day at night to help them sleep better. So I picked up some organic stuff at Whole Foods and started it a few days ago. I think it's a little rough on Riv's tummy (he seems to be the most sensitive between the twins). He woke up SIX times in one night crying, which he never does, so I cut it back a little more and only put half the recommended amount in and he did a little better. He's also been a bit constipated recently so the Dr said to give him an ounce of water twice a day so hopefully that will help. She said we can try to give it to them using a spoon to get them used to it, so we do a few sips like that but since they only take a drop at a time it would take forever if they took a whole bottle's worth that way! Here's a few pics from Riv's first time eating with a spoon!

In a month we can start letting them taste solid foods (mashed sweet potato, banana, avocado etc) so I'm really looking forward to that! 

That about wraps it up! I'll keep you posted...