The Twins' First Outing

Today we took the babies on their first real outing (besides doctor offices). Since it's still cold/flu season in Florida we are extremely cautious and protective being the twins have a premature immune system. The pediatrician said if they get sick they'll definitely wind up in the hospital so we're taking extra precautions to make sure that doesn't happen. That being said, she did give us the green light to take the babies to other people's houses (barring no one is sick) and outside, as long as it's not crowded. So we rather than the usual stroll around the neighborhood we decided to take them downtown to Lake Eola, a place where you can walk around a big lake in the center of Orlando.

Going out with two babies is no easy feat. There's a mile long check list of what needs to be packed for "just in case" scenarios. Diapers, wipes, creams, outfit changes, blankets, bottles, formula,  2 pacifiers, and a paaaartriiidge in a pear treeee. After multiple attempts to make it out the door by noon, at around 1:45 we finally got it together enough to leave. Our first stop was to have lunch on the patio of Panera, as long as it wasn't packed. As luck would have it there wasn't many people and we got a good spot. G watched them as I went in to order and as soon as we sat down River started his shenanigans. He was crying so I picked him up and ate lunch with one hand. (I'm getting pretty good at doing things one-handed!) 

After we ate, the babies were getting hungry so we went back to the car to feed and change them. As we were changing their diapers on a portable pad in the back of the SUV with the hatch open I realized we were now "those" people. The ones we always used to see carting around crying babies, changing diapers in public. And I'm totally okay with that, it's just such a big shift in lifestyle. But a good one of course.

We walked over to Lake Eola and scoped out the scene. There were a lot of people walking around and a farmers market on the outskirts so we were a little leery of getting too close. We didn't want any gross people hocking up their germs in the twins' air space, so we walked the perimeter of the path around the lake on the sidewalk instead. Same great view, a lot less people. I probably sound like a crazy germaphobe! I just want to at least try to prevent them from getting sick while they are still little.

It was a nice day out, but a tad on the warm side and before long I was stripping River's pants off, as he started to cry from being sweaty. He seems to be just like his mama in that regard, doesn't like the heat! We quickened our pace and completed the loop around the lake before heading back to the car. While it wasn't the perfect outing, it was nice to be out of the house as a family...