First Play Date

A few months ago I created a New Mommy group for all the friends I have that were due to have a baby around the same time. Strangely enough I know a handful of girls, all from different facets in my life, that were pregnant right along with me. Since the twins came two months early, they are officially the oldest yet actually the smallest of the group! 

We all live in Central FL and have been chatting daily in a private FB group I made for us, sharing tips and tricks and asking questions. It's been a great network of support! So I put together our first official meet-up at my house for all the moms to meet each other in person (although a few had already met when we were all pregnant at my baby shower back in October). While in a way it was a play date for the babies, this one was really more about getting the moms out of the house and talking to other adults (especially those who can relate the most!) in order to keep our sanity.

Well it was a huge success! We have about 10 ladies in our group and 6 were able to make it. So with the twins that was 7 babies! You'd think it would be pure chaos but it honestly wasn't. It was pretty fantastic! We made a web of activity mats on the floor and rotated which babies were next to each other and it was so much fun to watch them interact. Granted it wasn't like they "played" with each other or could have a conversation (I just had a vision of them suddenly talking in sophisticated voices... "Hey Riley, love the dress! Could you pass me my paci, please?" LOL). But they definitely looked at each other and swatted their arms in one another's faces. My friend's baby (Isaiah) and  River hit it off and were holding hands at one point! Then Isaiah was sucking on Riv's fingers and neither of them seemed to mind it! 

We had food and music and talked about baby stuff. Gave tips and tricks and support to each other, it was really a great time. Every once in a while one of the babies would sound off but for the most part they all seemed content. I think it was all the excitement of being around other babies and being in a new environment. We will definitely be doing it again, as it was a major stress reliever for all the mommies and an adventure for the little ones!