December 3- Happy One Month Birthday!!!

I can't believe the twins are a month old! (Gestational age: 33 weeks). Of course, once they reach their original due date we will have to start going by their "corrected age." Which means since they were two months early, when they are technically three months old their corrected age will be one month. That's what we'll have to go by when looking at developmental milestones. Supposedly they'll catch up within a year and a half to two years. And while they'll be a bit behind in some of their milestones, they may actually be ahead of the game when it comes to talking because they've been exposed to language longer. Interesting stuff. Time will tell....

In the meantime, they are doing great! They grow every day. River is growing much faster than Riley, but we're told it's because she was smaller to begin with. Plus with her heart not being fully closed yet she breathes faster, therefore burning more calories throughout the day. They are sending a dietician over to see her this week to see what they can do savor possibly upping her caloric intake to increase her growth so hopefully they'll come up with a solution to help her grow a little faster.

While we were visiting the twins the other day the nurse had to put Riley's feeding tube back in through her nose and was having a hard time. G and I watched in amazement when every time Riley was in distress, River's heart rate would shoot up and he would cry. He wasn't looking at her, just next to her. It was this very weird twin connection type moment. It'll be interesting to see how this plays out in the future!

This week they will be moving from a bassinet to a crib. So many changes in just one week, it's amazing! Ever since they started co-bedding they have been thriving. Their stats have improved tremendously and their cuteness factor has been raised exponentially. They are so sweet and lovey with each other. Riley literally stares at her big brother and smiles! It sounds crazy with how young they are, I wouldn't believe it either if I hadn't seen it for myself on multiple occasions. The nurses all go crazy for these two and today I walked in to find a group of people standing around them. They were apparently part of a tour given to administrators! Too funny. The twins are definitely capturing the hearts of those around them, and for sure they've already stolen daddy's and mine! 

    Plotting their escape

    They do this at the same time when 
    we unwrap them from being swaddled

    River apparently has a bit of Mommy's 
    Jersey attitude! LOL

    Double Diaper Duty

    Kangarooing with Daddy