Christmas Wish

So far it's not looking good for the twins to come home tomorrow. Well, River is technically free to go now but they are letting him stay with his sister. Riley just hasn't been eating well the last two days, most likely because of all the shots and tests they've been through in quick succession. The doctor wasn't happy with her weight gain of 3 grams last night and said she would need to gain 20-30 grams by tonight's weigh in. And with the way she was eating today I don't foresee that happening. I always call during the night shift to find out their weight so at least I'll know tonight. If it's not good I know we have our favorite nurse tomorrow so I'll have her weigh Riley again just to see if she gained some more overnight. (They usually only weigh them once at night). 

So, while it would truly be the best Christmas present ever if they come home tomorrow, I wouldn't want to rush her if she's not ready. 

Fingers crossed!...