Slight Hiccup

Today what is the first day in a while that the twins haven't been on the upswing. They have had a rough couple of days in light of their upcoming exit out of the NICU. They have had a slew of test shots including an RSV shot, Hep B shot, a traumatic eye exam and a hearing test. River was also circumcised and Riley did her car seat test (where we had to bring our car seats to the room and each baby has to sit in them strapped in for 90 minutes while being monitored to make sure their stats stay up). Riv is healing nicely and Riley passed her test. River still needs to have his done though. They also will have an MRI on their brains and Riley has a follow up echocardiogram. I'm not sure if it's because of the stress from all the poking and prodding, but they haven't been doing as good as they were with eating and weight gain. River has weighed the same for the past 3 days and Riley gained, lost, then gained it back. They've both been kind of pokey with their bottle feeds, especially Riley who needs it the most. 

The sucky thing about it all is that the doctor told me the other day if the twins kept up the good work they'd be able to come home on Christmas Day. How amazing would THAT be?! But now if they continue to not eat well or not gain weight, that's not going to happen. Which is fine if that comes to pass, the important thing is that they are healthy and strong enough to come home. I definitely wouldn't want to take them home only to have to bring them back if they aren't eating well. So it's a waiting game right now.

The thought did occur to me tonight that the only other difference this past week has been that I haven't been kangarooing them. Not because I didn't want to, but some of the nurses suggested just letting them sleep without disruptions. It's been really hard for G and I, but we want to do what's best for them. However, now I'm wondering if that has played a part in them not thriving as well as before. It is said that kangarooing increases growth and allows them to sleep more deeply. So I've decided I'm going to see how they do tonight with their feedings and weight and if it's still not great I'm going to kangaroo them tomorrow and see if that makes a difference. It would definitely be good for mommy too, I miss snuggling up with them! 

Fingers and toes crossed they get back in the groove and do well enough to come home for Christmas...