Tummy Time Super Play Mat

Since we have been doing a lot of tummy time working on the babies' strength and trying to get them where they need to be developmentally, I went on a hunt for a better solution to laying a blanket down on the floor. We have activity mats, but I really wanted something that the twins could be on together. Earlier this week I found this awesome giant tummy time mat on Amazon (I buy just about everything from there). The mat is huge and has 8 different sensory things on it, wipes up clean super easy, and folds up with handles for travel which will definitely make visiting people a lot easier. Anytime I bring them to somebody's house I feel like I'm moving in! It's a pain to carry around the big activity mat with the dangling toys. This sucker folds up into a square that I can stick in a bag with their toys! Love it and the babies do too!!