Jolly Jumper

Back when I was pregnant and researching like crazy I had found out that walkers and exersaucers are bad for babies' development and can lead to hip dysplasia. So I began searching for options that were specifically created with that in mind and wouldn't hinder the twins' development in any way. That's when I came across the Jolly Jumper exerciser. It was scientifically designed similarly to a surgical support brace. So we opted to go with that one and really liked that it came with a stand instead of having to hang it from a doorway. Even though it is a better option than other jumper type contraptions, I still won't put the twins in it for any long periods of time. Just for like 10 minutes a day for them to have fun and burn off some energy...

This week I decided to check the box to see when we could start using it and saw it says: 3+months. That's now! That's past now!! So G immediately put it up in the living room. I am happy to say the twins LOVE it! I mean LOVE LOVE it. It took them a few (hilarious) tries to get it, and while they still haven't mastered it, they are definitely learning to bounce. And it is SO funny!! They both do slightly different things in it, but each have just as much fun in it! So glad we got this jumper. The only thing is... I think we're going to need two! Sure, right now it is fine that they take turns in it, but as they get a little bigger I think it would be so cool to have them bouncing next to each other. So perhaps I just want it for the cuteness factor of having them jump together, but so what. They are my biggest source of entertainment lately! LOL. Plus I love seeing them so happy and amazed when they are in it.

This was the twins first attempt at the jumper. They weren't quite sure what to do, but they sure had fun being in it! The funniest thing is when the video switches to Riley. Our laughing startles her and she jumps a few times, it's hilarious!

River & Riley's First Time in The Jolly Jumper

Riley looks like a wild west character the way her legs hang out. She is still getting the hang of it and gets better each day. Here she is sort of tap dancing rather than jumping!

Jolly Jumping Riley