Tummy Tub

While I was pregnant, I had searched far and wide for the best tub for the twins. As I am not one to just purchase something common or popular (so pretty much anything Fisher Price! LOL) and I seek out what is best for myself or my family after doing as much research as possible.The best thing I had found was something called a "Tummy Tub" and it is what we ultimately went with. It is very popular in Europe, Australia and Japan (and other countries as well). The tub is designed to submerge the baby's whole body up to the neck, which creates an environment akin to being in the womb. That makes SO much more sense than having their little shivering bodies exposed like most tubs are designed. 
I read countless reviews and even looked up home videos from people who used the product and was delighted with what I found. People raved about the tub and the videos spoke for themselves. Each one I saw the babies were crying up to the point of going in the tub and then they would immediately stop and relax. It was amazing! 

So we went with this tub and after using it for the first time the other night, I couldn't be happier with the decision. River, who we all know is Mr. CrankyPants with ANYTHING you do to him, was crying as per usual as we undressed him and got him ready for his bath. But the moment we got him in the tub he was in a trance! He was calm and practically asleep the whole time he was in the tub! Of course the second he was taken out of the tub he went back to crying, but that was to be expected. 

The tub is simple to use, but I was glad I looked up videos before using it. When the babies are able to hold up their heads it will definitely be easier, but for newborns you have to hold their heads which can be done by gently placing your fingers under their chin. My husband and I do it together, he holds their heads and I wash them. It has really made bath time a great thing for both the twins!

Here are a few pics of River during his bath and I will post a link to the video we took. Our best friend was over when we gave Riv's bath and video'd it for us (which we realized later in watching it that he added his own witty commentary so it's actually quite entertaining!)


Here is the site for more info on the Tummy Tub:

And here is where we purchased it from: