Baby Anthem

Wrote this while I was feeding the twins at 5am... Funny I found inspiration from sleep deprivation!

*I dedicate this to all the moms (and dads) out there who know exactly what I'm talking about!*

Hey you I want attention 
I demand of it right now 
You wanna hear me lose my shit?
'Cause I can show you how 

It's 2am, I'm hungry
Though I know that I just ate
To wait a few more minutes 
Isn't up for a debate 

I'll just get louder til you're up
And I won't quit, you'll see
You may be tired, sorry pal
Time means nothing to me

Want to have a restful night?
Yeah, you don't stand a chance
I've spit up in my crib 
And there's a present in my pants

I own you, mom, I'll get my way
I'll even make you sing 
Then I'll wait until my diaper is off
And pee on everything 

I'll flail my arms and kick my legs
No way I'm sitting still 
And once you get it on me
That new diaper I will fill

I'm changed, I'm fed and comfortable 
So now I'm wide awake
You'd better entertain me,
Did you think this would be cake?

I have to make it challenging
And keep you on your toes
I cried so hard, I'm all stuffed up,
Please suck snot out my nose 

I'll soon get tired and start to drift
So you don't have to beg
But before I do, I just have to
Spit up on your leg

I'll fall asleep eventually 
You'll tiptoe away and then 
The moment that you close your eyes
I'll start it all again!