River's Surgery

Since birth, River has had a blocked tear duct in his right eye. This means the eye wouldn't tear like normal, it would just get all gunked up instead. Every time we'd go outside (in allergen infested Florida) it would ooze yellow stuff. So gross! He was always rubbing his eye so it was constantly red and swollen. People often asked if he was sick or had pink eye. Some mornings he'd wake up with his eye completely crusted shut and we'd have to use our fingers to pry it open! Poor little guy. So the eye dr finally said the only option would be surgery since he didn't grow out of it by age 1. We decided it was the right thing to do since he was on finials suffering and uncomfortable. 

On June 5th he had the surgery and it was the best decision we could have made. The procedure was done at a surgery center and the anesthesiologist was from Arnold Palmer Hospital, which definitely have us peace of mind. The surgery was a balloon catheter dilation (DCP). In DCP, a balloon is inserted through an opening in the corner of the eye and into the tear duct, then inflated with a sterile solution to expand the tear duct. The balloon is then deflated and removed. Our biggest concern wasn't the procedure, as we had faith in the doctor. We were more worried about the whole fasting thing before the operation. Riv tends to have a royal meltdown when he's hungry, especially in the morning since it's so long between meals. Luckily, the surgery was in the morning and all the commotion kept him pretty happy and occupied. While waiting his turn for surgery he started to get a bit fussy so we walked him up and down the hall, which bought us a little more time. 

Once it was his turn the procedure took about 30 min. They reversed the anesthesia and we were able to go be with him in recovery. He had a rough time coming out of the anesthesia, which is apparently common. He fought and kicked and screamed for about a half hour. G walked him up and down the hallway again and he eventually calmed down and fell asleep in his arms. When we got him home, he was still tipsy from the anesthesia. And was walking around like a little drunk person. Too funny!

Click here to see a video of woozy River at home after surgery

It's been a few weeks and I'm happy to say his eye is better than ever! No crusting or oozing. The surgery worked! So glad we went through with it! :-D