River's First Haircut

For weeks we've been deliberating what to do with River's hair. We LOVE his beautiful curls and the fact that it's got some length to it fits with our hippie-dippy lifestyle (and his hippie-dippy name). But it was starting to look straggly and, at times, like we found him on the street. We originally wanted to have his first haircut be at Magic Kingdom (since we've become the Disney family we never imagined now that G is an official "cast member" with the company's IT department). However, we envisioned it happening in the Fall when the weather is a little more tolerable. But since Riv was looking like the Shaggy Dog we realized it was time for a trim and there was NO WAY we were parking, walking and taking a ferry into Magic Kingdom in blazing 5,000 degree temps so we decided to find an alternative.

In comes "Pigtails and Crewcuts," a salon that caters to little people (and no I don't mean Peter Dinklage). I made sure to get there when it opened and as luck would have it we were their first customers of the day! This wound up being the first time going anywhere with them and not using a stroller (yeah I won't be doing THAT again!). I got to choose which chair River would sit in- we had a choice between a fire truck, airplane and train. The airplane struck me as the cutest so I went with that. There were plenty of fun toys around so Riley kept herself entertained throughout the haircut, although she spent most of the time staring at River with a puzzled look on her face as if to say, "what are you doing to my brother?" and "why don't I get to do it too?". 

I give the hairdresser a lot of credit. River was moving his head all over the place but she didn't miss a beat. I guess they are used to a moving target since they cater to toddlers and kids. But Riv was really great the whole time! Didn't fuss once! The whole process went smoothly, however once he was done and I was checking out the dynamic duo went running down the hall and into the break room (hence why I said I wouldn't go anywhere without a stroller for a while!). But all-in-all it was a fantastic experience and I will definitely be going back for future haircuts!

   This pic cracks me up!!
                          All Done!

To see a short Magisto montage of Ruver's haircut click here.