Happy 6th Month Birthday!!

I can't believe the twins are 6 months old already! A half a year?!? No way it feels that long. Time is going by way too quickly! And I can only imagine it's just going to keep flying by at lightening speed. 

The Twins have grown so much in so many ways in such a short time. It's truly amazing to see their progress, which advances on a daily basis. In the matter of ONE day they go from not knowing how to do something to doing it all the time! For example, when they had their development evaluation neither of them were able to hold anything. When I found out it was something they should be able to do at this point I went home and worker on it with them and in only a few hours they had it figured out.

We had a few appointments for River's physical therapy where I learned some new tricks and ways to play with the babies along with exercises and stretches. It was mainly for Riv's Torticollis (stiff neck) but could be used interchangeably with Riley too, as she needs to gain some neck strength. So again, as soon as I went home after the first appointment I began working diligently with them to help move their development along and improve their strength. I learned a lot! Like Tummy Time doesn't just have to be done on their tummies. Right?!? I was amazed too! Just by holding them upright -or any position where they have to hold their heads up without support- counts for tummy time! Of course they still need to do SOME of it on their bellies to work their back muscles. But adding this to the mix (which we already were sitting them upright) really helped with having different positions to put them in to keep it fresh. Sometimes we lay them across our laps on their tummies or find other creative ways...

So I've been keeping the babies steadily active throughout the day (which definitely tires them AND Mommy out!) and it's apparently paid off! Here it is only a few weeks later from our first physical therapy appointment and Riv's latest evaluation the therapist said his Torticollis is gone!! Completely undetectable! Yay!!! Makes me feel so good to know I'm really making a difference. 

About two weeks ago they learned how to hold things we put in their hands, now they are reaching for and playing with toys while on their tummy time pillow. 

It's remarkable how fast they learn. River is definitely a little ahead of Riley, but she is leaps and bounds further than she was. He's a bit stronger and a lot more social. But she's getting there. And some of that may very well be personality. We shall see! It's fascinating to see them mold and change and become, well, little humans. That G and I CREATED... Still blows our minds!!!

They are also getting better at holding things with both hands!

Meanwhile Riley has been drooling like crazy...

And loves looking in the mirror...

And is actually playing with toys during tummy time!

River is still a charmer with that smile. He loves to kick things that hang from his activity mat and is getting quite good at picking up/holding toys...

And on occasion I can get him to actually giggle and it is the best sound in the world!

They are when holding their heads up better in their bath tub!

We fall in love with these two more and more every day. They are wonderfully exhausting and make me always be the best version of myself. I couldn't imagine life without them and look forward to all the exciting things to come!