Switching Over- A Brief Intro

     I first began blogging when I was given the devastating news that I had Premature Ovarian Failure and would therefore not be able to have children. My ovaries had stopped working, my hormone levels were considered POST-menopausal and I had not had a period since I stopped birth control a half a year earlier. I had always dreamed of being a memoir writer, and the plan was to have the first one be about my pregnancy, whenever the time came. Being told by four different doctors that IVF wasn't even an option for me, my aspirations of writing such a memoir went down the drain. The odds I was given that I could become pregnant were "one in ten million," and so became the title of my very first blog. It documented the trials and tribulations I went through during this time of infertility, providing an outlet for me to vent my emotions of all I was going through. During this time, I was researching every alternative treatment available in hopes of reversing my diagnosis. The only thing that gave me hope was reading success stories of other women who had been given the same prognosis but later became pregnant after taking supplements and going the Eastern Medicine route. I was on a mission to beat the odds and prove the doctors wrong. I started taking all the natural supplements I'd read about that were supposed to help restore balance to the reproductive system. I found a Traditional Chinese Medicine doctor who gave me herbs to take three times per day and did acupuncture on me weekly. Between the countless pills, alternative fertility therapies and Eastern Medicine, after three months I not only ovulated, I simultaneously released TWO eggs! The hubs and I (I will refer to him as G throughout my blog) just happened to have sex a few times on the exact days I was ovulating and wouldn't ya know... I became pregnant WITH TWINS before I could even get my period back. How's that for impeccable timing? It sure baffled the doctors! And it just goes to show you, they don't know everything!

     It was then my blog became something so much more than I could ever dream of. First, I was able to excitedly announce that I did the very thing my blog was entitled. I became that "one in ten million." But even more amazing than that, my story became a beacon of hope for others with my diagnosis. Since then, I have had women in over 65 countries reading my blog and over 20,000 page views. Women continually write to me telling me I have inspired them to keep on fighting and instilled hope in them, when all hope was lost. They write to me to ask questions and sometimes just to vent their frustrations, but every single one of them always thank me for giving them hope. Words can't express how much that means to me. 

Since becoming pregnant I've kept up with my blog, always feeling a bit apprehensive in fear I would upset those who are struggling with infertility. To my surprise, they all wanted me to keep posting updates because it restores a new sense of hope in them each time to see that things were progressing positively. It has been a few months now and I feel it's time for me to continue my journey in a new blog. I will still keep my previous blog out there because it is helping so many others, and I will always respond to those who write me on it. 

     I am so very happy to be able to finally write the memoir I have always dreamed of, stemming from this blog. I am working on the actual book throughout my pregnancy. It will incorporate all the posts from both blogs and will have additional, never-before seen material included in the book.  My ultimate goal is to create a series of memoirs capturing my adventures of raising the twins. Of course, this should prove to be interesting considering I have absolutely NO experience with babies and I am about to have TWO! So sit back, relax, and enjoy what is bound to be on hell of a - entertaining to you but terrifying to me- bumpy ride of a lifetime...

If you are interested in the events that lead up to my pregnancy, you can read all about it in my previous blog: