May 11- One In Ten Million

Well... The Dr. confirmed it. I'm pregnant!!!

I can't believe it! I'm absolutely stunned. After being told I had a one in ten million chance of getting pregnant, here I am. It's unbelievable. So when I ovulated 12 days ago (unbeknownst to me at the time) the hubs and I had sex on and around that day and poof. Knocked up. Wow. 

The Beta Test they did show I am pregnant and the Dr. himself called to tell me. He said he wants me to get retested Monday to see if my hormone level doubles (which is apparently what it's supposed to do every 48-72 hours). The hubs and I were jumping for joy! That was the moment we finally felt like this was real. I called Dr. Fu to tell her the news and she was elated and said it was a miracle. I told her I honestly feel like it was because of her treatment that it happened, and I wholeheartedly believe that. She asked me to give her the date of the day I ovulated (that she pointed out to me on my BBT chart) which was 12 days earlier. She explained that you count from the day of your last menstrual period as how far along you are. Since I haven't gotten a period since I got off BC last summer she added 2 weeks from when I ovulated, so I'm considered 4 weeks pregnant. Craziness. Dr. Fu said the fact that I'm only 4 weeks and the home preg tests were registering as pregnant even in the evenings means that the pregnancy is strong. !!!! Unreal.

So the hubs and I decided we're not gonna go make a public service announcement just yet, but we would tell a small handful of people who see closest to us. We told his parents via Skype (they live in another state) and my two cousins that are like sisters to me. As for my parents, my mom has been away for two weeks on her trip of a lifetime and is flying back on Monday. Her layover is in south FL and it just so happens that I'll be close to there Monday, as I have to stay over for an Assistant Principals meeting Tues. Well, my dad decided he was going to just drive down to pick her up rather than make her wait with a 4 hour layover to fly home. (Which is actually rather odd because my parents aren't together). But he figured then they could both see me together since it's been a while and then we can talk in person about whether or not we should for IVF. Ha! They have no idea what they are in for!! I'm planning on giving my mom a Mother's Day card that says "grandma" and put a picture in it of the digital preg test that shows "pregnant." They are gonna cry their eyes out! I've got to try and video it with my phone somehow since the hubs can't be there!

This whole thing is crazy. While I may have been determined as all get out, it medically wasn't supposed to happen. And now here I am, 4 weeks pregnant, the FIRST time I ovulated since getting off the pill 9 months ago (and who knows if it would have happened again), on Mother's Day weekend, the weekend we had to decide on trying IVF, and get this... My due date is the EXACT date I found out I had Premature Ovarian Failure and was told I couldn't have kids. The planets surely aligned to make this happen! I firmly believe it has everything to do with all the things I've been doing these past 4 months. The Chinese Herbs and Acupuncture being number one, in my opinion. That along with all the supplements, fertility massage, yoga, castor oil packs and wheat grass... All of it worked in conjunction to bring me from POST menopausal hormone levels, diminished ovarian reserve and completely nonfunctioning ovaries to having numbers in the normal range, ovulating and getting pregnant in the matter of 4 months.

And while we may be holding off from spilling to everyone, I just couldn't keep it from you guys. Not because I wanted to share the news, but to instill hope in each and every one of you. To show you that Western Medicine doesn't know everything. That if you've been diagnosed with Premature Ovarian Failure and given the Donor Egg speech, there is still hope. So never, EVER, give up!!!

Fingers crossed the pregnancy sticks! 

I'll keep you posted!...

In the meantime, if you are new to my blog and want to know everything I've done in the past 4 months to turn my diagnosis around, if you go back and read through my posts I have written in detail about each alternative supplement and treatment!