20 Months Update

Twenty Months?! Whaaaat??? I'll still never get over how fast it's going. But here they are, 20 months and more lively than ever! To say that these two are a handful is certainly an understatement but at the same time are an absolute joy to be around. 

As time goes on, their personalities are definitely showing. Initially we thought Riv was going to be the nervous one and Riley would be our little dare devil but the more time goes on we are seeing the opposite is true. River loves to climb on everything, jumps into things head first without looking, smiling and laughing every step of the way. That's not to say Riley doesn't get into mischief, she's just a little more leery of new situations. When approaching people she hasn't met before she tends to hide behind our legs and giggle nervously while Riv is more likely to go to the person with open arms. Depending on the situation (and whichever one of us is closer to her) I've also seen her run and hold on to River for protection. It's so sweet.

They both have been mimicking Mommy more and more. It happens throughout the day, sometimes in the most surprising moments. For example, their latest thing is imitating me when I'm doing yoga or Pilates. The only chance I have to workout during the day is with them in the room so I'll pull out some toys next to my yoga mat and they play right next to me. However, that quickly turns into them trying to do the same motions as me OR they look at it as an invitation to climb all over me like a jungle gym. And it is not easy trying to workout with an extra 50 pounds on you... Especially when it's on your head! LOL. I have a toddler yoga book of poses I also do with them and they love it, especially Riley. I figure it's never too young to start! There's actually a place that does Storybook Yoga for toddlers that I'd like to get them involved with this Fall! And, in fact, I'm in the process of trying to find a good dance or tumbling class to enroll them in. I want to get them out doing more physical activity and with other children. There's a lot of options here in Orlando, I just have to test them out and see what's the best bang for the buck. Luckily, most places allow you to try out a class first before signing up. And once the twins turn two there's even more options, so I definitely plan on exploring what's out there to ensure they are involved in some fun activities to foster their development even further. :-)

Sadly, this month the twins have started fighting a bit. Well, it's actually more like Riley throws a fit if River takes something she has or wants to play with whatever she's playing with. She can be quite possessive with her things, which can be a challenge when everything is BOTH of theirs! River is so laid back, if Riley takes something of his he just moves on to something else but if she takes something of his? Forget it. Meltdown city! That is another thing that Riley started doing this month... throwing herself on the floor when she's upset. I could be over anything. Riv took a toy, I wouldn't let her play in the garage, not giving her orange slices fast enough, you name it. Luckily, I've read a ton on positive discipline so I'm packed with an arsenal of tricks and tips to handle these next few sensitive years. Whenever she goes into tantrum mode if G or I gets down to her level and talk calmly to her she picks herself up and calms right down. It helps to understand the part of their brain that processes emotion is under major construction (hence the "terrible twos") and their frustration is merely a lack of being able to express their emotions. So it takes a lot of patience and understanding on our part, but hey, that's what being a parent is all about!

And while we're on that subject, that is also something G and I have been working on lately ourselves. Being more patient and understanding. How we express ourselves. Learning to be Mindful. Practicing meditation to give our bodies and minds a break and to recharge. Setting our intentions each day to ignite positivity from within to spread outward. All things we want to make a part of our daily routine so that we can pass it on to the twins. Our journey to spiritual enlightenment, as we call it. It's really been great for us. It helps us connect in the evening after a busy day. Our goal is to make it a part of our daily lives and pass it on to the twins. And that's not something that has to wait until they are adults. As they grow and start understanding more I plan on using these learned techniques from the start so they'll grow up having the skills to handle their emotions and let go of negativity easily. It's truly a precious gift we will give to them, one that will last a lifetime.

When it comes to communication, they are both making strides in their own way. Riv is still behind and has actually been recommended for Speech Therapy in their most recent Early Steps evaluation. And we are totally fine with that, we figured as much. It's free so I am all for anything that will help with their development. He did add two new signs this month. He does the signs for "please" and "bird." He also started saying "RaRa" for we think both him AND Riley. It's not much but I'll take it! He'll communicate more in his own time so I'm really not worried about it. :-) Riley has added more words and signs as well. She now says "yummy" anytime she's hungry, which is just too cute. She also says "home" and for a while she was saying "ok guys," something Daddy always says to them but she hasn't said it in a couple weeks. Funny how they'll start staying something and then stop. 

So that's about it for now. Each month brings so many new exciting changes and while I'm looking forward to watching them flourish, I also don't want them to grow up too fast! But it's going to fly by whether I want it to or not, so I just have to soak up every last second!

Lots of Daddy pics... he's such a good man <3

 Reading to Riley at the Dr's office

Making flower arrangements
 Pool Fun!


                                                                    Our little blondie!