Swinging Champs

This weekend we took the twins to the park while visiting my parents. It had quite some time since they'd been on the swings so we thought it would be a nice treat for them. (The twins, not my parents 😉). The only other few times we tried they were both sort of blasé about it. They just had a blank look on their faces and didn't seem too into it. Well what a difference a few months make! They were absolutely tickled about it this time, and it sure showed in their expressions. River let out the cutest giggle we'd ever heard and the way Riley was kicking her feet, we couldn't help but smile. The coolest part was, they both figured out how to pump the swing to get it to keep moving! Pretty impressive for their age at only 16 months. So happy we caught it on video!

Hope this clip brightens your day like it does ours!