Disney's Animal Kingdom

Thanks to my parents for getting us Disney passes for Christmas this year we've been able to take the twins to different theme parks on the weekends. Before having kids, I always thought the idea of taking a one year old to a theme park was pointless, but seeing the magic through their eyes has definitely changed my tune. While they won't remember any of it being that they are so young, they are certainly experiencing some pretty spectacular things and enjoying what they see. All those experiences are firing up those synapses in their brains, which is reason enough for me to keep taking them! We can only last about 4 hours or so at the parks before we get in the "red zone" and head home before the meltdowns begin. This is why the passes are great! We don't feel bad only going for a few hours and can always come back the following weekend! 

Our most recent adventure was to Animal Kingdom. The twins had a fantastic time, but even more so G and I were elated to watch their excitement. We did one section of the park (Africa) where we went on a 22-minute Safari ride in a giant jeep, saw lots of animals and watched a great musical!

Riley was so enthralled with all the animals and it was too cute, she would point at every one of them and say, "ooooh!" LOL. The show we saw was "Festival of the Lion King" and it was quite the production (think Broadway meets Cirque Du Soleil with Lion King characters). River & Riley really surprised us by not only sitting through the half-hour musical on our laps, they were dancing and clapping their hands through the whole thing! Riv, being the ham that he is, found that the lady next to him was getting a kick out of how he was clapping so about a dozen times he would reach over, tap her, and start clapping with a huge grin on his face! He sure loves attention!

We had a fabulous day and made some great memories. Can't wait 'til our next Disney adventure. These two are a riot!

Riley was pointing at all the animals

So fascinated on the Safari

Riv zonked out in daddy's arms

Petting a stuffed bear (that they thought was real!)