The Twins' 1st Birthday Cake Smash Photo Shoot

Having seen so many adorable cake smash photos out in Cyberspace (and given the fact that I am a picture-taking maniac), I decided I couldn't pass up this literally once in a lifetime chance to do a 1st birthday cake smash photo shoot with the twins. However, like with all things, I knew I wanted to do this as creatively as possible on a low budget. Since hiring a photographer was out of the question, I borrowed a friend's camera that took amazing, quick-succession pictures. I scoured Etsy for cute cake smash outfits that wouldn't break the bank and I had another friend make whatever style giant cake smash cupcakes I wanted at an incredibly thrifty price. We planned to do the photo shoot the day after their birthday party since all four grandparents and my sister-in-law were already here and voila!... all the makings for an incredibly fun photo shoot. And boy did it turn out better than I imagined!

We moved the electric fireplace out of the way (hey, I live in FL, what do you expect?!) so we would have a blank wall in the background, got them dressed, sat them in front of their cakes and started snapping as many pictures as possible. The result? Some fabulous photos that we will cherish for a lifetime!