It's Chow Time!

Had a long chat with our pediatrician yesterday and she said she wants them eating more food to start drinking less formula (with the goal of being entirely on solids and off formula by their 1st birthday). She also said no more middle of the night feedings- it's bad for their teeth/gums and a habit we needed to break anyway- and that if they're eating enough throughout the day they should sleep through the night. (We had been waking them up to feed right before G and I went to bed each night). So yesterday I fed them lots of healthy, real food throughout the day followed by formula after each meal, as their dr suggested. And sure enough they slept straight through the night! 12 hours! Wow! Let's hope it wasn't a fluke!

Looking forward to going to Whole Foods today to get lots of yummy organic food to try out some new recipes for them! They seem to love to eat! (Especially Riley, she goes to town the second I put food on her tray!)

This was their first real lunch! (I was just giving them whole fruits or veggies before). Chicken meatballs with a chunk of steamed sweet potato with a little curry seasoning on it. (It's now suggested to add seasoning when trying out new foods so they are flavorful and not bland- except no adding salt or sugar). They totally dug in! 

And their first real dinner! Black bean sweet potato hash with fajita seasoning and a side of mashed peas. River is a much neater eater. (Ha, neater eater. Sounds funny!). He eats slowly and carefully. Riley, on the other hand, starts shoveling the food in the second it hits her tray and gobbles it all up wanting more!