Wonder Weeks

Being in the field of Education and an avid researcher, I'm always on the quest for as much information on development as possible. Just call me Johnny 5! (iiiiiiinpuuuuut). So you can imagine my delight in finding the motherload of all baby development resources. It's called Wonder Weeks, and it's based on 35 years of research. It's awesome!!

Rather than breaking things down in the traditional milestones, it goes into much more detail about not only the major changes babies' brains go through but also the behaviors surrounding these developmental breakthroughs. These breakthroughs are referred to as "leaps," as in a leap forward in mental development. These leaps are broken down in segments by week which details everything your baby is going through during that transition. It tells you what signs babies show during each leap, what skills could potentially stem from it and most importantly the WHY behind your baby's behavior through it all.

For me, this has been the most helpful part. I now have a completely different view of the twins behaviors. River's whininess and frequent bouts of hysterics. Riley's yappy yell. It all makes so much more sense, and in turn has made us more understanding parents. The book predicts, give or take week, when parents can expect their babies to go through one of these "fussy phases." During these periods, a baby cries for a good reason. They are suddenly undergoing drastic changes in her development, which are upsetting to them. So whenever I start to feel frustrated I remember it's a sign that they are making progress!

It's definitely worth it getting this book if you are the parent of an infant. It's truly eye opening and has really been spot on in everything I've been seeing with the twins. They also have an app, which is a very condensed version of the book but def great to have!!

Just wanted to pass it along!

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